Commit 830846b8 authored by aurelien beliard's avatar aurelien beliard Committed by Mathieu Giraud

repare out of scope variable usage

parent 3e119c44
......@@ -717,11 +717,11 @@ changeAlleleNotation: function(alleleNotation) {
if (this.norm && this.normalization.method=="constant"){
for (var j=0; j<this.samples.order.length; j++){
var max = this.normalization.B
var tmp_max = this.normalization.B
var max = this.normalization.B/this.normalization.A[j]
var tmp_max = this.normalization.B/this.normalization.A[j]
if (max>this.max_size) this.max_size=max;
if (tmp_max>this.max_size) this.max_size=tmp_max;
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