Commit 7d3ca2c1 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert
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partial/file/form.html colons after file labels

parent c0ef9cbe
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
<fieldset name="sequence_file">
<legend>sequence file(s)</legend>
<div id="file_field_1_{{=i}}" class="field_div file_1" {{if source_module_active:}} hidden {{pass}}>
<label for="file_upload_1_{{=i}}" id="file__label_{{=i}}"> file 1 </label>
<label for="file_upload_1_{{=i}}" id="file__label_{{=i}}"> file 1 :</label>
<input class="upload_field form-control" id="file_upload_1_{{=i}}" type="file"
{{if source_module_active:}}
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
><span>* (.fa, .fastq, .fa.gz, .fastq.gz, .clntab)</span>
<div id="file_2_{{=i}}" class="field_div file_2" hidden>
<label for="file_upload_2_{{=i}}" id="file2__label_{{=i}}"> file 2 </label>
<label for="file_upload_2_{{=i}}" id="file2__label_{{=i}}"> file 2 :</label>
<input class="upload_field form-control" id="file_upload_2_{{=i}}" type="file"
{{if source_module_active:}}
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