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vidjil-algo: prepare CHANGELOG for release 2019.05

see #3914
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This changelog concerns vijil-algo, the algorithmic part (C++) of the Vidjil platform.
2019-05-XX The Vidjil Team
* Better method to build consensus sequences used by default, old behaviour with --consensus-on-longest-sequences #3866
* Optimized analyses with pre-computations, including for e-value estimation !468
* Updated functional .should tests with new syntax, renaming and moving some tests #3206 #3762
2019-04-04 The Vidjil Team
* New --config and --label-json experimental options (vidjil.cpp, lib/CLI11_json.cpp) #3837 #3839
* Improved computation of consensus sequence when there are many reads (vidjil.cpp) !448
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