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If you have to launch `irb` on a remote server without X (only using `Xvfb`)
you may be interested to use the [redirection over SSH](
### Functional with Cypress
1. Architecture
The Cypress directory path : `browser/test`
It contains 3 folders needed by Cypress to compile
- Integration
Contains the test files/scripts
- Fixtures
Contains the extra files needed for the tests, such as files to test uploads etc.
- Support
Used to add plugins and custom functions
2. Installation
The following instructions are for Linux (you need npm installed):
1. Make the project
Go to browser directory
cd browser
Compile the icons
``` bash
make icons
2. Run Vidjil on localhost
Install serve
npm install -g serve
Run Vidjil on any local port (here localhost:8000)
serve -s --listen 8000 &
3. Install Cypress and its dependencies
Go to test directory
cd test
Install Cypress
npm install cypress
Install dependencies and node modules
npm ci
3. Run console tests
npx cypress run --browser chrome
3 possible browsers : chrome, firefox, electron (default)
4. Open Cypress in a browser
npx cypress open
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