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See #3565
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......@@ -273,6 +273,29 @@ The mysql container is not fully launched. This can happen especially at the fir
Relaunch the containers.
XXXX Relaunch the workers.
If restarting the containers does not resolve the issue, there are a couple of things
you can look into:
- Ensure the database password in `vidjil-server/conf/` matches the password for
the mysql user: vidjil.
If you're not sure, you can check with the following:
docker exec -it docker_mysql_1 bash
mysql -u vidjil -p vidjil
or reset it:
docker exec -it docker_mysql_1 bash
mysql -u root -p
SET PASSWORD FOR vidjil = PASSWORD('<new password>');
- Ensure the database was created correctly. This should have been done automatically,
but just in case, you can check the console output, or check the database:
docker exec -it docker_mysql_1 bash
mysql -u vidjil -p vidjil
if the database doesn't exist, mysql will display an error after logging in.
# Docker -- Updating a Docker installation
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