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This changelog concerns the Vidjil web application, client and server.
As we are using continuous integration and deployment, some features are pushed on our servers between these releases.
2020-01-XX Release %"Web 2020.01"
## 2020-07-13
Better study full repertoires
* Genescan-like distributions on the full repertoire (preset 4) (!595, !551, !525)
* New configuration to export the full list of clones in AIRR format (with no clone limitation)
Clone list
* New options to lock clone sorting (!630, !564)
Time graph, working with several samples
* Better options to hide/show samples in the time graph (!565)
* Possibility to hide clones not present in the current sample (!564)
* New design of curves
Other points
* Better organization of configurations (!627)
* Free text zone in report
* Read merger: Flash instead of PEAR (#3911)
* Many bug fixes
## 2020-01
* New behaviour of graphList (#4105); Now you can hide/show sample directly from a list with checkbox, and button for automation
You can also hidding them by double clicking on their label in the timeline graphic.
2017-10-XX Release %"Web 2017.10"
## 2017-10
* New tag mechanism to store/filter default or custom metadata on patient/runs/sets #2170 #2172 #2683
* Added a second grid view when there is only one sample #2244
* New experimental feature to add germline genes in the segmenter #1925
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