Commit 7840ac4d authored by marc duez's avatar marc duez
Browse files : update tests

parent d61e1a7f
......@@ -61,16 +61,14 @@ class Sample_setController(unittest.TestCase):
def test2ChangePermission(self):
patient = db.patient[permission_patient]
sample_set_id = patient.sample_set_id
request.vars["sample_set_id"] = sample_set_id
request.vars["sample_set_id"] = permission_sample_set
request.vars["group_id"] = fake_group_id
resp = change_permission()
self.assertFalse(auth.get_group_access('patient',, fake_group_id), "fail to remove permission")
self.assertFalse(auth.get_group_access('sample_set', permission_sample_set, fake_group_id), "fail to remove permission")
resp = change_permission()
self.assertTrue(auth.get_group_access('patient',, fake_group_id), "fail to add permission")
self.assertTrue(auth.get_group_access('sample_set', permission_sample_set, fake_group_id), "fail to add permission")
def testForm(self):
request.vars["type"] = "patient"
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