Commit 77af56b8 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

core/segment.cpp: fix bug: the right sequence should be reverted, not the left one

parent 564650e0
......@@ -505,17 +505,17 @@ void best_overlap_split(int overlap, string seq_left, string seq_right,
int score_l[overlap+1];
// reverse left sequence
ref_left=string(ref_left.rbegin(), ref_left.rend());
seq_left=string(seq_left.rbegin(), seq_left.rend());
DynProg dp_l = DynProg(seq_left, ref_left,
DynProg::Local, segment_cost);
score_l[0] = dp_l.compute();
// reverse right sequence
ref_right=string(ref_right.rbegin(), ref_right.rend());
seq_right=string(seq_right.rbegin(), seq_right.rend());
DynProg dp_r = DynProg(seq_right, ref_right,
DynProg::Local, segment_cost);
score_r[0] = dp_r.compute();
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