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Commit 76c7c540 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson Explain unit tests in algo

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6. The representative can then be segmented to determine what V, D and J
genes are at play. This is done by the FineSegmenter (=core/segment.h=).
* Tests
** Algorithm
*** Unit
Unit tests are managed using an internal lightweight poorly-designed
library that outputs a TAP file. They are organised in the directory
All the tests are defined in the [[../algo/tests/tests.cpp][tests.cpp]] file. But, for the sake of
clarity, this file includes other =cpp= files that incorporates all the
tests. A call to =make= compiles and launched the =tests.cpp= file, which
outputs a TAP file (in case of total success) and creates a =tests.cpp.tap=
file (in every case).
**** Tap test library
The library is defined in the [[../algo/tests/testing.h][testing.h]] file.
Tests must be declared in the [[../algo/tests/tests.h][tests.h]] file:
1. Define a new macro (in the enum) corresponding to the test name
2. In =declare_tests()= use =RECORD_TAP_TEST= to associate the macro with a
description (that will be displayed in the TAP output file).
Then testing can be done using the =TAP_TEST= macro. The macro takes three
arguments. The first one is a boolean that is supposed to be true, the
second is the test name (using the macro defined in =tests.h=) and the
third one (which can be an empty string) is something which is displayed
when the test fails.
** Browser
*** Functional
All the browser functional testing is done in the directory
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