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tutorial: Part on normalization

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......@@ -355,6 +355,26 @@ You can also change the current locus by clicking on the locus name in the
right part of the grid.
\subsection{Clone quantification (using spike-ins)}
Sometimes you may include spike-ins in your sample to allow a more reliable
Let us assume that the main clone with IGHV-3-9 / IGHJ5 is a spike-in whose
expected concentration is 1\% (.01).
\question{First let's color this clone with the \com{standard} tag.}
\question{Now we will set its concentration to .01 as expected. Click again on
the star. In the \com{normalize to} field enter \com{.01} and click \com{ok}.
Now, in the graph, this clone should correspond to a straight line at 1\%.}
\question{Notice how the concentrations of the other clones have changed
You can go to the \com{settings} menu to disable this normalization and to
back to the raw concentration.}
Then you can set expected concentrations for other clones and you are free to
switch between those normalizations.
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