Commit 76800d18 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert alternate log message for jstree

'upload started' was not quite accurate when using jstree to select a
file and we want users to know their files are not being copied when
using this method.
parent 014d5a1f
......@@ -214,9 +214,10 @@ def add_form():
log_message = "upload started"
if request.vars['filename'] != "":
if data['data_file'] is not None:
log_message = "registered"
os.symlink(filepath, defs.DIR_SEQUENCES + data['data_file'])
db.sequence_file[id] = data
......@@ -252,7 +253,7 @@ def add_form():
res = {"file_id" : id,
"message": "(%s) file {%s} : upload started: %s" % (','.join(map(str,ids_sample_set)), id, request.vars['filename']),
"message": "(%s) file {%s} : %s: %s" % (','.join(map(str,ids_sample_set)), id, log_message, request.vars['filename']),
"redirect": "sample_set/index",
"args" : redirect_args
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