Commit 75bfde63 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud Committed by Vidjil
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models/ bikeshed sample set display

parent 11f59c45
......@@ -76,7 +76,12 @@ class SetsDecorator(StatDecorator):
def decorate(self, data):
ssets = []
for sample_set in data:
d = DIV("(%d) %s" % (sample_set['id'], sample_set['name']), _onclick="'sample_set/index', {'id': '%d'})" % sample_set['id'], _class="pointer set_token %s_token" % sample_set['type'])
s = SPAN("%d " % sample_set['id'], _style='font-size:60%')
d = DIV(s,
_onclick="'sample_set/index', {'id': '%d'})" % sample_set['id'],
_style="opacity: .5;",
_class="pointer set_token %s_token" % sample_set['type'])
return DIV(*ssets)
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