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* Database schema
** Patients and samples
A patient has several samples. A sample is an uploaded .fasta/.fastq file.
** Launching and results
A software/pipeline (as for example Vidjil or Brno pipeline)
process .fasta/.fastq file and produce a "data file".
The options of the software/pipeline are stored in a "config".
** "Fusing" results on different samples
The result "data files" of a same patient (and processed within a same "config")
are "fused" to a unique "fused file".
** Analysis
All changes done by the user (on a specific "fused file") are recorded
into a ".analysis" file and stored into the database.
** Authentification
There is a mecanism to authenticate users/groups and to grant them some accesses on the patients:
- read
- add samples (to an existing patient, uploading .fasta/.fastq files)
- add patients
- save an analysis (with some clones merged, labeled or renamed)
- delete samples and patients
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