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......@@ -154,14 +154,17 @@ You can achieve this with the following steps:
- Configure the SSL certificates
- A fast option is to create a self-signed SSL certificate.
Note that it will trigger security warnings when accessing the client.
From the `docker/` directory:
openssl genrsa 4096 > web2py.key
openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -sha1 -days 1780 -key web2py.key > web2py.crt
openssl x509 -noout -fingerprint -text < web2py.crt
mv web2py.* docker/vidjil-client/ssl/
mkdir -p vidjil-client/ssl
mv web2py.* vidjil-client/ssl/
- A better option is to use other certificates, for example by configuring free [Let's Encrypt]( certificates;
In `docker-compose.yml`, update `nginx.volumes` to add the directory with the certifictes.
In `docker-compose.yml`, update `nginx.volumes`, line `./vidjil-client/ssl:/etc/nginx/ssl`, to set the directory with the certificates.
If you would prefer to use the vidjil over HTTP (not recommended outside of testing purposes), you can
use the provided configuration files in `docker/vidjil-server/conf` and `docker/vidjil-client/conf`. You will find several files
......@@ -172,7 +175,7 @@ forget to make a backup of any file you replace.)
- Set the SSL certificates (see above)
- Change the mysql root password in `docker-compose.yml`
- Change the mysql vidjil password in `mysql/create_db.sql` and sets it also in `vidjil-server/conf/`
- Change the mysql vidjil password in `mysql/create_db.sql` and sets it also in `DB_ADDRESS` in `vidjil-server/conf/`
- Comment backup/reporter services in `docker-compose.yml`
......@@ -181,8 +184,8 @@ The first time, this container create the database and it takes some time.
- When `mysql` is launched,
you can safely launch `docker-compose up`.
Then `docker ps` should display four running containers:
`docker_nginx_1`, `docker_uwsgi_1`, `docker_fuse_1`, `docker_mysql_1`
Then `docker ps` should display five running containers:
`docker_nginx_1`, `docker_uwsgi_1`, `docker_workers_1`, `docker_fuse_1`, `docker_mysql_1`
- Vidjil also need germline files.
......@@ -194,10 +197,10 @@ Then `docker ps` should display four running containers:
- Copy also the generated `browser/js/germline.js` into the `docker/vidjil-client/conf/` directory.
- Open a web browser to <https://your-hostname>.
Create a first account by entering an email.
- Open a web browser to <https://localhost>, or to your FQDN if you configured it (see above).
Click on `init database` and create a first account by entering an email.
This account is the main root account of the server. Other administrators could then be created.
It will be also used for the web2py admin passwor.
It will be also the web2py admin password.
......@@ -247,7 +250,7 @@ Here are some notable configuration changes you should consider:
### Docker -- Adding external software
# Docker -- Adding external software
Some software can be added to Vidjil for pre-processing or even processing if the
software outputs data compatible with the .vidjil format.
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