Commit 70bed854 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson
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.gitlab-ci.yml: Other attempt to kill fuse server

The previous attempt was unsuccessful.
This one is more redundant but (hopefully) should be more successful.

See vdj#621
parent 87fa1504
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......@@ -176,12 +176,9 @@ test_server_unit:
- pip install -r requirements.txt
- make -C server install_web2py_standalone
- make -C server launch_fuse_server
- >
make unit_server
make -C server kill_fuse_server
exit $exit_code
- make unit_server || (make -C server kill_fuse_server; deactivate; false)
- make -C server kill_fuse_server
- deactivate
- /^feature-[sw]\/.*$/
- /^hotfix-[sw]\/.*$/
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