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Commit 6d5c4f58 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson

Test: Making tests late is not good for the health of your software

The test was not working since we were not outputting the file created by fuse
and the right parameters were not passed to format_json.py
parent 926dfa04
!LAUNCH: python ../fuse.py ../../doc/analysis-example1.vidjil ../../doc/analysis-example2.vidjil | python ../format_json.py
!LAUNCH: python ../fuse.py ../../doc/analysis-example1.vidjil ../../doc/analysis-example2.vidjil; cat fused.vidjil | python ../format_json.py -1 -u
$ Fuse the two examples (three samples, two identical)
fe1:"segmented": [335662, 335662, 410124]
e1:"segmented": [335662, 335662, 410124]
$ IGH and TRG germlines
fe1:"germline": {"TRG": [250000, 250000, 300000], "IGH": [85662, 85662, 10124]}
e1:"germline": {"TRG": [250000, 250000, 300000], "IGH": [85662, 85662, 10124]}
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