Commit 682735e3 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson
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algo/tests/Makefile: portable sed usage

-i option should be put before the filenames in FreeBSD sed.
parent c5619435
......@@ -85,14 +85,14 @@ shouldvdj_with_rc_merged:
# When the global test suite is passing, individual failed tests (counted in SHOULD_*_EXPECTED_FAILS)
# can be marked as 'TODO' to make continuous integration happy
sed -i "s/^\(not ok [0-9]*\) /\1 # TODO ##/" */*.tap
sed "s/^\(not ok [0-9]*\) /\1 # TODO ##/" -i */*.tap
curatedvdj_archive: $(SHOULD_VDJ_ARCHIVE)
$(eval tmpdir := $(shell mktemp -d))
mkdir $(tmpdir)/curated-vdj
cp --preserve $(SHOULD_VDJ_ARCHIVE) $(tmpdir)/curated-vdj
sed -ri 's/\s*BUG//' $(tmpdir)/curated-vdj/*
sed -r 's/\s*BUG//' -i $(tmpdir)/curated-vdj/*
for file in $(tmpdir)/curated-vdj/*; do mv $$file `echo $$file | sed 's/should/curated/'`; done
cwd=`pwd` && cd $(tmpdir) && zip $$cwd/$@ curated-vdj/*
rm -rf $(tmpdir)
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