Commit 6790973d authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud
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tests/bugs: update tests

At least one of these tests is not passing now.
parent 9d18bc36
!LAUNCH: ../../../vidjil -c clones -G ../../../germline/TRG -r 1 -R 1 bug20130617.fa
!LAUNCH: ../../../vidjil -c clones -G ../../../germline/TRG -r 1 bug20130617.fa
$ Bug with J deletion being 122
!LAUNCH: ../../../vidjil -c segment -d -G ../../../germline/IGH bug20131218.fa
!LAUNCH: ../../../vidjil -c segment -G ../../../germline/IGH bug20131218.fa
# The number of deletions in the D is larger than the D length itself.
$ Bug with the number of deletions in the D.
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