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views/file/confirm.html: update view accordingly

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......@@ -6,12 +6,38 @@
{{count_results = db(db.results_file.sequence_file_id==request.vars["id"]).count()}}
Are you sure you want to delete this sequence file?</br>
This will also delete {{=db(db.results_file.sequence_file_id==request.vars["id"]).count()}} related result files.</br>
This action cannot be undone.
{{if not delete_results and not delete_only_sequence:}}
You have the choice:
<dt>delete sequence alone</dt>
You will remove the file containing all the DNA sequences.
This will save disk space but you will still have access to your results.
<dt>delete sequence and results</dt>
You will remove everything related with this sequence file: the sequence file itself as well as the {{=count_results}} files that have been generated.
{{if delete_results:}}
You are about to delete the sequence file and {{=count_results}} result files.
You are about to delete the sequence file alone.
<p>This action cannot be undone.</p>
<div class="center">
<button onclick="'file/delete', {'id' :'{{=request.vars["id"]}}'} )">delete</button>
{{if delete_results or delete_only_sequence:}}
<button onclick="'file/delete', {'id' :'{{=request.vars["id"]}}', 'patient_id' :'{{=request.vars["patient_id"]}}', 'delete_results': '{{=delete_results}}'} )">delete</button>
<button onclick="'file/confirm', {'id': '{{=request.vars["id"]}}', 'patient_id' :'{{=request.vars["patient_id"]}}', 'delete_results': 'False', 'delete_only_sequence': 'True'})">delete sequence alone</button>
<button onclick="'file/confirm', {'id': '{{=request.vars["id"]}}', 'patient_id' :'{{=request.vars["patient_id"]}}', 'delete_results': 'True', 'delete_only_sequence': 'False'})">delete sequence and results</button>
<button onclick="'patient/info', {'id' :'{{=db.sequence_file[request.vars["id"]].patient_id}}'} )">cancel</button>
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