Commit 65d24469 authored by Marc Duez's avatar Marc Duez
Browse files add germline field

parent fa108f65
......@@ -55,6 +55,15 @@ present in the .data file.
"germline" : {
"custom" : {
"shortcut": "B",
"5": ["TRBV.fa"],
"4": ["TRBD.fa"],
"3": ["TRBJ.fa"]
"clusters": [
[ "clone-845", "clone-821", "clone-147" ],
[ "clone-5", "clone-10", "clone-179" ]
......@@ -188,6 +197,9 @@ In the .analysis file, this section is intended to describe some specific clones
* 'Germline' list [optional][work in progress]
extend the default file with a custom germline
* 'Clusters' list [optional]
......@@ -196,7 +208,7 @@ In the browser, it will be still possible to see them or to unmerge them.
The first clone of each line is used as a representative for the cluster.
* 'Data' list [optional]
* 'Data' list [optional][work in progress]
Each element in the 'data' list is a list of values (of size samples.number)
showing additional data for each sample, as for example qPCR levels or spike information.
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