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main.js : add some comment

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/* replace the default javascript console with a custom one (optional)
* display important error/log message in popup/flash message instead of the default javascript terminal
* */
console = new Com(console)
/* Model
* model role is to load/save .vidjil file (locally or from url) and provides function to access/edit information easily
var m = new Model();
/* Views/Modules
/* Views
* produce a view inside an html element and keep it sync with a given model
* we can add as many views as we want to a single model ( multi
var graph = new Graph("visu2",m);
var list_clones = new List("list", "data", m);
var sp = new ScatterPlot("visu", m);
var segment = new Segment("bot-container",m);
/* [WIP] builder module
* complete menu/info and provide some tools
* TODO replace with a menu and info view
var builder = new Builder(m);
/* [outdated] pdf module
* replaced by report
var pdf = new PDF(m, "visu2_svg")
/* [WIP] report module (optional)
* provide html report functions for a given model
* [WARNING] views access are currently hard-coded]
var report = new Report(m)
var db = new Database("plop!", m);
/* database module (optional)
* link a model to a given database (or use the one defined in config.js)
var db = new Database(m);
/* [WIP] shortcut module (optional)
* provide keyboard shortcut
var shortcut = new Shortcut()
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