Commit 612cfa59 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson

tests/functional/test_sample.rb: Test that the link exists to the other sets

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......@@ -277,6 +277,21 @@ class TestSample < ServerTest
samples_table = $b.table(:id => "table")
# Check that the "associated sets" header appears
assert( => "associated sets").present?)
# We are on the patient we should have a link to the run and the set
# Get the row with the created file
tag = samples_table.a(:text=>"#my_file_add")
tr = tag.parent.parent
assert (tr.present?)
assert (tr.tag_name == "tr")
assert(tr.span(:class => ["set_token", "run_token"], :text => "run 0").present?)
generic_span = tr.span(:class => ["generic_token", "set_token"], :title => "generic 0")
assert (generic_span.onclick.include? "'sample_set/index'"), "onclick contains: "+generic_span.onclick
# Checking in the edit form that the three sets appear
samples_table.a(:text => "#set_assoc_0").parent.parent.i(:class => "icon-pencil-2").click
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