Commit 60a15629 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

core/segment.cpp: fix computation of best split point within D/J overlap

This was a bug hidden since the first release of Vidjil.
It is now corrected, and the test added in 002adbd2 is now passing.
parent ae1b76a6
......@@ -895,8 +895,8 @@ void FineSegmenter::FineSegmentD(Germline *germline, double evalue_threshold, in
//overlap DJ
if(Jstart-Dend <=0){
int overlap=Dend-Jstart+1;
string seq_right = seq.substr(Dstart, Dend-Dstart+1);
string seq_left = seq.substr(Jstart, seq.length()-Jstart);
string seq_left = seq.substr(Dstart, Dend-Dstart+1);
string seq_right = seq.substr(Jstart, seq.length()-Jstart);
best_overlap_split(overlap, seq_left, seq_right,
germline->rep_4.sequence(best_D), germline->rep_3.sequence(best_J),
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