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doc/ Add packaging doc

Added some packaging documentation.
It contains instructions to create a debian standards compliant package
of a vidjil release version (so only the algorithm part)
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*Packaging Vidjil into a Debian Package
- The release version of Vidjil you wish to package
- Knowledge of debian packaging
In this documentation we will not go over all the specifics of creating a
debian package. You can find the required information here:
** Creating the orig archive
Debian packages use an orig archive to map a changelog. In order to create
this archive for vidjil you must:
Extract the release archive you wish to package:
$ tar -xf vidjil-<version>.tgz
$ cd vidjil-<version>/
Download the necessary germlines and data files:
$ mkdir browser # if it doesn't exist
$ make germline
$ make data
Archive the folder as follows:
Note that debian uses a different version annotation than vidjil, so it is
likely that you will need to determine the correct annotation to use.
$ cd ..
$ tar -cvzf vidjil_<debian-version-annotation>.orig.tar.gz
Make a standard compliant debian folder for the package (see documentation
in Requirements section) and add the 'missing-sources' file (this is a
workaround to the issue that Lintian cannot find the sources for some of the
binaries included) with the following content:
$ /browser/cgi/align.cgi
$ /browser/cgi/similarity.cgi
$ /algo/tools/similarity
Commit the source changes (for some reason the files need to be
$ dpkg-source --commit
Build the package just like any debian package:
$ debuild -us -uc
You're done! You can now install the debian package with:
$ sudo ``dpkg -i path/to/package
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