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Commit 5e007a72 authored by marc duez's avatar marc duez
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axes.js : rework "detailed productivity" axis

parent 62babf83
......@@ -132,7 +132,8 @@ AXIS_DEFAULT = {
name: "N length",
doc: "N length, from the end of the V/5' segment to the start of the J/3' segment (excluded)",
fct: function(clone) {return clone.getNlength()},
autofill: true
autofill: true,
min_step: 1
"CDR3 length (nt)": {
name: "CDR3 length (nt)",
......@@ -148,22 +149,22 @@ AXIS_DEFAULT = {
"productive": {text:"productive"},
fct: function(clone) {return clone.getProductivityName()},
pretty: function(tag) { return icon_pm(tag, "productive", "not productive") },
pretty: function(tag) { return icon_pm(tag, "productive", "not productive") },
isInAligner: true
"productivity detailed": {
name: "productivity detailed",
labels: {
"no CDR3 detected": {text:"no CDR3 detected"},
"productive": {text:"productive"},
"stop-codon": {text:"stop codon"},
"out-of-frame": {text:"out of frame"},
"no-WPGxG-pattern": {text:"no {WP}GxG pattern"},
"not-productive": {text:"not productive"}
fct: function(clone) {return clone.getProductivityNameDetailed()},
sort : false,
isInAligner: true
sort : function(a,b){
var order = ["productive","not-productive","stop-codon","out-of-frame","no-WPGxG-pattern","no CDR3 detected"]
return order.indexOf(a) - order.indexOf(b);
autofill : true
"productivity IMGT": {
name : "productivity [IMGT]",
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