Commit 5caabd5d authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert
Browse files extract all fields form vidjil file

changes to allow us to simply extract the root of a json
file and still apply constraints to subfields, so we no longer need to
specify all the fields we need to extract.

See #3234
parent 6b04f5dd
...@@ -726,10 +726,8 @@ def main(): ...@@ -726,10 +726,8 @@ def main():
f = sorted(set(f)) f = sorted(set(f))
vparser.reset() vparser.reset()
vparser.addPrefix('reads') vparser.addPrefix('')
vparser.addPrefix('clones.item', '', (lambda x, y: x in y), f) vparser.addPrefix('clones.item', '', (lambda x, y: x in y), f)
if args.multi: if args.multi:
for path_name in files: for path_name in files:
json_reads = vparser.extract(path_name) json_reads = vparser.extract(path_name)
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