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Commit 5ada8528 authored by flothoni's avatar flothoni

fuse.py; add a function addWarning

Link to 4566
parent 31b2bd64
......@@ -228,12 +228,18 @@ class Window:
name = other.d["name"]
name = self.d["name"]
# init warn field if not already present
if not "warn" in obj.d:
obj.d["warn"] = []
obj.d["warn"].append( {"code":"W81", "msg":"Clone have different names between samples: %s" % name, "level": "warn"})
msg = "Clone have different names between samples: %s" % name
obj.addWarning(code="W81", msg=msg, level="warn")
return obj
def addWarning(self, code, msg, level):
# init warn field if not already present
if not "warn" in self.d:
self.d["warn"] = []
self.d["warn"].append( {"code":code, "msg":msg, "level": level})
def get_nb_reads(self, cid, point=0):
return self[cid]["reads"][point]
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