Commit 564b062a authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

algo/Makefile: add IKZF1 and ERG germlines in release

This is not the optimal way.
See #3285.
parent 4af89ba1
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......@@ -262,7 +262,7 @@ RELEASE_ALGO = src/
RELEASE_TOOLS = $(wildcard ../tools/*.py)
RELEASE_MAKE = ../tools/tests/Makefile ../doc/Makefile
RELEASE_TESTS = ../doc/ $(wildcard ../doc/analysis-example.vidjil) $(wildcard ../tools/tests/*.should_get) ../tools/tests/ ../tools/ ../demo/get-sequences ../demo/Demo-X5.fa ../demo/Makefile
RELEASE_GERMLINES = ../germline/Makefile ../germline/germline_id ../germline/get-saved-germline ../germline/get-germline ../germline/ $(wildcard ../germline/*.g) ../germline/ ../germline/
RELEASE_GERMLINES = ../germline/Makefile ../germline/germline_id ../germline/get-saved-germline ../germline/get-germline ../germline/ $(wildcard ../germline/*.g) ../germline/ ../germline/ ../germline/homo-sapiens/IKZF*fa ../germline/homo-sapiens/ERG*fa
RELEASE_HELP = ../doc/ ../doc/ ../doc/ ../doc/ ../doc/ ../doc/CHANGELOG ../doc/LICENSE ../ ../
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