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modules/ Add tag module

This module will allow the automatic creation and decoration of tags
within selected text fields.
A database entry is created for each new tag which will then be linked
to database records. This will later allow for easy querying.
parent 9319a910
import defs
import re
class TagManager(object):
def __init__(self, prefix):
self.prefix = prefix
def expression(self):
return r'%s(\w+)' % self.prefix
class TagExtractor(TagManager):
def __init__(self, prefix, db):
super(TagExtractor, self).__init__(prefix)
self.db = db
def create(self, name):
db = self.db
tid = db.tag.insert(name=name)
tid = db( == name).select(
return tid
def link_to_record(self, tag_name, table, record_id):
db = self.db
tag_entry = db( == tag_name).select(
if (tag_entry is None):
tag_entry = self.create(tag_name)
def remove_tags(self, table, record_id):
db = self.db
db((db.tag_ref.table_name == table) &
(db.tag_ref.record_id == record_id)
def parse_text(self, text):
return re.findall(self.expression(), text)
def execute(self, table, record_id, text, reset=False):
if (reset):
self.remove_tags(table, record_id)
tags = self.parse_text(text)
for tag in tags:
self.link_to_record(tag, table, record_id)
return tags
class TagDecorator(TagManager):
def __init__(self, prefix):
super(TagDecorator, self).__init__(prefix)
def decoration(self):
return r'<a href="#" class="tag-link" data-linkable-type="tag" data-linkable-name="\1">%s\1</a>' % self.prefix
def decorate_text(self, text):
if (text is None):
return None
return re.sub(self.expression(), self.decoration(), text)
def get_tag_prefix():
tag_prefix = defs.TAG_PREFIX
tag_prefix = '#'
return tag_prefix
def register_tags(db, table, record_id, text, reset=False):
tag_prefix = get_tag_prefix()
tag_extractor = TagExtractor(tag_prefix, db)
tags = tag_extractor.execute(table, record_id, text, reset)
#log.debug("registered tags %s to %s (%d)" % (str(tags), table, record_id))
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