Commit 54df4b3e authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert decorate tags for stats view

allows tags to redirect to the stats page from the stats page
parent 11415230
Pipeline #18168 passed with stage
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......@@ -27,12 +27,19 @@ class SampleSet(object):
text = self.tag_decorator.decorate(, 'tag', self.type, self.get_list_path())
return self.tag_decorator.sanitize(text)
def get_stats_tagged_info(self, data):
text = self.tag_decorator.decorate(, 'tag', self.type, self.get_stats_path())
return self.tag_decorator.sanitize(text)
def get_configs(self, data):
return data.conf_list
def get_list_path(self):
return '/sample_set/all'
def get_stats_path(self):
return '/sample_set/stats'
def get_config_urls(self, data):
configs = []
for conf in data.conf_list:
......@@ -72,7 +79,7 @@ class SampleSet(object):
def get_reduced_fields(self):
fields = []
fields.append({'name': 'name', 'sort': 'name', 'call': self.get_name, 'width': 200, 'public': True})
fields.append({'name': 'info', 'sort': 'info', 'call': self.get_tagged_info, 'width': None, 'public': True})
fields.append({'name': 'info', 'sort': 'info', 'call': self.get_stats_tagged_info, 'width': None, 'public': True})
fields.append({'name': 'files', 'sort': 'file_count', 'call': self.get_files, 'width': 100, 'public': True})
return fields
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