Commit 5299b4cc authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert
Browse files refactor link_to_sample_set

one database query per set_id was not acceptable. This uses a bulk
insert approach
parent 7f1970c4
......@@ -43,21 +43,23 @@ def manage_filename(filename):
return (data, filepath)
def get_sample_set_ids(id_dict):
ssid_dict = {}
for key in id_dict:
ids = id_dict[key]
ssid_dict[key] = []
ssids = [r.sample_set_id for r in db(db[key].id.belongs(id_dict[key])).select()]
ssid_dict[key] = ssids
return ssid_dict
def link_to_sample_sets(seq_file_id, id_dict):
Create sample set memberships and return a dict of the sample set ids.
The keys to the dict are thee same as the ones passed in id_dict
ssid_dict = {}
for key in id_dict:
ids = id_dict[key]
ssid_dict[key] = []
for oid in ids:
sample_set_id = db[key][oid].sample_set_id
id_sample_set_membership_run = db.sample_set_membership.insert(sample_set_id=sample_set_id,
return ssid_dict
arr = [{'sample_set_id': oid, 'sequence_file_id': seq_file_id} for oid in id_dict[key]]
# TODO put these in a model or utils or smth
def validate(myfile):
......@@ -241,7 +243,8 @@ def submit():
file_data['network'] = True
db.sequence_file[fid] = file_data
ssid_dict = link_to_sample_sets(fid, f['id_dict'])
id_dict = get_sample_set_ids(f['id_dict'])
link_to_sample_sets(fid, id_dict), extra={'user_id':,\
'record_id': redirect_args['id'],\
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