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......@@ -66,14 +66,62 @@ The development of Vidjil is funded by:
- InCA, 2016-2018
- VidjilNet consortium, 2018
## Reference
## References
If you use vidjil-algo, please cite [Giraud, Salson 2014].
If you use the web platform, please cite [Duez 2016].
Marc Duez et al.,
Vidjil: A web platform for analysis of high-throughput repertoire sequencing,
*Vidjil: A web platform for analysis of high-throughput repertoire sequencing*,
PLOS ONE 2016, 11(11):e0166126
Mathieu Giraud, Mikaël Salson, et al.,
"Fast multiclonal clusterization of V(D)J recombinations from high-throughput sequencing",
*Fast multiclonal clusterization of V(D)J recombinations from high-throughput sequencing*,
BMC Genomics 2014, 15:409
## Some publications using Vidjil
Jean-Sebastien Allain et al.,
*IGHV segment utilization in immunoglobulin gene rearrangement differentiates patients with anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein neuropathy from others immunoglobulin M-gammopathies*,
Haematologica, 2018, 103:e207-e210
Yann Ferret et al.,
*Multi-loci diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia with high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis*,
British Journal of Haematology, 2016, 173, 413–420
Henrike J. Fischer et al.,
*Modulation of CNS autoimmune responses by CD8+ T cells coincides with their oligoclonal expansion*
Journal of Neuroimmunology, 2015, S0165-5728(15)30065-5
Michaela Kotrova et al.,
*The predictive strength of next-generation sequencing MRD detection for relapse compared with current methods in childhood ALL*,
Blood, 2015, 126:1045-1047
Ralf A. Linker et al.,
*Thymocyte-derived BDNF influences T-cell maturation at the DN3/DN4 transition stage*
European Journal of Immunology, 2015, 45, 1326-1338
Mikaël Salson et al.,
*High-throughput sequencing in acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Follow-up of minimal residual disease and emergence of new clones*,
Leukemia Research, 2017, 53, 1–7
Florian Scherer et al.,
*Distinct biological subtypes and patterns of genome evolution in lymphoma revealed by circulating tumor DNA*,
Science Translational Medicine, 2016, 8, 364ra155
Edit Porpaczy et al.,
*Aggressive B-cell lymphomas in patients with myelofibrosis receiving JAK1/2 inhibitor therapy*,
Blood, 2018,
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