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......@@ -2,4 +2,62 @@
import vidjil_utils
class DBInitialiser(object):
def __init__(self):
self.initialised = False
def _needs_init(func):
def check_init(self):
if not self.initialised:
raise Exception("Uninitialised Database !")
return func(self)
return check_init
def _needs_sets(func):
def check_init(self):
if not self.initialised_sets:
raise Exception("Uninitialised Sample Sets !")
return func(self)
return check_init
def get_set_dict(self, set_type, sample_set_id, i):
if set_type == defs.SET_TYPE_PATIENT:
return dict(first_name="patient", last_name=i, info="test patient %d #test%d" % (i, i), sample_set_id=sample_set_id)
return dict(name="%s %d" % (set_type, i), info="test %s %d #test%d" % (set_type, i, i), sample_set_id=sample_set_id)
def init_users(self):
init_db_helpler(force=True, admin_email="", admin_password="foobartest")
self.initialised = True
def init_sample_sets(self):
public_group = db(db.auth_group.role == "public").select().first()
for i in range(5):
for t in types:
ssid = db.sample_set.insert(sample_type=t)
sid = db[t].insert(get_set_dict(t, ssid, i))
auth.add_permission(, PermissionEnum.access.value, db.sample_set, ssid)
def _init_pre_processes(self):
pid = db.pre_process.insert(name="public pre-process", command="cat &file1& &file2& > &result&", info="concatenate two files")
auth.add_permission(, PermissionEnum.access.value, db.pre_process, pid)
def init_sequence_files(self):
sample_sets = db( > 0).select()
for sample_set in sample_sets:
for i in range(3):
sfid = db.sequence_file.insert(
info="test file %s %d" % (sample_set.sample_type, i),
db.sample_set_membership.insert(, sequence_file_id=sfid)
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