Commit 4b7c3f73 authored by marc duez's avatar marc duez : set obsolete key to default value

parent 244b26a2
......@@ -136,7 +136,8 @@ class Extractor():
memberships = {}
sequence_files = {}
for row in rows:
row.provider = 1
row.sequence_file.provider = 1
row.sequence_file.patient_id = None
ssm_id =
sf_id =
self.log.debug("populating sequence file: %d, membership: %d" % (sf_id, ssm_id))
......@@ -343,7 +344,12 @@ def import_data(filesrc, filedest, groupid, config=None, dry_run=False, log=Migr
if stype in data:
imp.importSampleSets(stype, data[stype])
imp.importTable('sequence_file', data['sequence_file'], map_val=True)
for row in data['analysis_file']:
data['analysis_file'][row]['patient_id'] = None
data['analysis_file'][row]['config_id'] = None
for row in data['fused_file']:
data['fused_file'][row]['patient_id'] = None
imp.importTable('sample_set_membership', data['membership'], {'sample_set': 'sample_set_id', 'sequence_file': 'sequence_file_id'})
imp.importTable('scheduler_task', data['scheduler_task'], map_val=True)
imp.importTable('scheduler_run', data['scheduler_run'], {'scheduler_task': 'task_id'})
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