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vidjil-algo: prepare CHANGELOG for release 2018.06

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This changelog concerns vijil-algo, the algorithmic part (C++) of the Vidjil platform.
2018-06-xx The Vidjil Team
* New experimental option -Z to speed-up the full analysis with a pre-processing based on k-mers (core/filter.cpp) #920
* New experimental analysis of Ikaros/ERG recombinations (germline/homo-sapiens-ikaros.g) #2139
* Improved analysis with large number of mutations in V or J genes (core/dynprog.cpp) #3066
* Added levels to warnings, lowering level for W53 (core/tools.cpp) #3136 #3137
* Refactored the functional test framework (tools/ #3105
* New and updated unit and functional tests
2018-02-02 The Vidjil Team
* Renamed program to 'vidjil-algo'
* Improved analysis of large deletions in V or J genes (core/segment.cpp) #2767
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