Commit 4a2615b8 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

Tests: 10-md5-{data|germline}.should_get, "||" to run md5sum/md5 depending on OS

parent 4ef3278c
!LAUNCH: (cd ../../data ; md5sum *.fasta ; md5 -r *.fasta)
!LAUNCH: (cd ../../data ; md5sum *.fasta || md5 -r *.fasta)
$ Check md5 in data/
1:985219d9156b6d9e8966807595beada3 Stanford_S22.fa
!LAUNCH: (cd ../../germline ; md5sum *.fa ; md5 -r *.fa)
!LAUNCH: (cd ../../germline ; md5sum *.fa || md5 -r *.fa)
$ Check md5 in germline/
1:3a655c9d99ca04907a120f1b69febf2e IGHD.fa
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