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......@@ -97,6 +97,26 @@ queries, such as the compare patients).
Also some user characteristics are preloaded (groups and whether the person
is an admin), which also prevents may DB calls.
## Scheduler
The scheduler is handled by Web2py. Here we summarise the way it works.
Web2py has several workers. Its number is determined by the number of items
given after the `-K` parameter to ``. One of them is called the
*ticker*. It is the master worker that will assign tasks to all the workers
(including itself).
At regular interval the worker signals that it is still alive (it is called
the heartbeat and can be customised in Vidjil through the
`SCHEDULER_HEARTBEAT` parameter in ``).
Every 5 heartbeats (it is hardcoded in web2py in `gluon/`) the
*ticker* will assign jobs. Each worker will also try to remove the dead
workers. In our case it often produces an “*Error cleaning up*” error in the
logs (see #3558).
When a job timeouts it is not killed (see #2213). In `gluon/` a
worker seems to be able to kill a process when the worker's state (and not the
task's state) is `STOP_TASK`.
# Tests
# Packaging
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