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tests/ testing .should-vdj.fa files

A .should-vdj.fa file is a fasta file whose identifiers describe the expected V(D)J segmentation.
Compared to .should_get files, .should-vdj.fa files are thus program- and options- agnostic.
This could allow to compare several options and/or several V(D)J segmentation programs.
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Tests one ore several .should-vdj.fa files.
A .should-vdj.fa file is a fasta file whose identifiers are in the form:
>should_pattern comments
The 'should_pattern' describes the expected V(D)J segmentation in a .vdj format.
All spaces is the pattern have to be replaced by '_'.
The script launches Vidjil (or any other PROGRAM) on the .shoud-vdj.fasta file,
expecting that it returns another fasta file whose identifiers are in the form:
>should_pattern result
The 'should_pattern' is then checked against the 'result' part, and a .tap file is produced.
import sys
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT
import os
PROGRAM = os.getenv('PROGRAM')
if not PROGRAM:
PROGRAM = '../../vidjil -c segment -i -g ../../germline'
SHOULD_SUFFIX = '.should-vdj.fa'
TAP_SUFFIX = '.tap'
LOG_SUFFIX = '.log'
global_failed = False
def fasta_id_lines_from_program(f_should):
f_log = f_should + LOG_SUFFIX
f_log = f_log.replace(SHOULD_SUFFIX, '')
cmd = PROGRAM + ' ' + f_should + ' > ' + f_log
print cmd
for l in open(f_log):
if not l:
if l[0] == '>':
yield l
def id_line_to_tap(l, tap_id):
Parses lines such as:
>TRDD2*01_1/AGG/1_TRDD3*01__TRD+ + VJ 0 84 88 187 TRDD2*01 1/AGG/1 TRDD3*01 TRD+
and return a .tap line
l = l.strip()
pos = l.find(' ')
should = l[1:pos]
result = l[pos+1:]
# We could have something that allows some regexp (still allowing * and + without escaping)
should_pattern = should.replace('_', ' ')
tap = ''
if not should_pattern in result:
globals()['global_failed'] = True
tap += 'not '
tap += 'ok %d - %s' % (tap_id, should_pattern)
if not should_pattern in result:
tap += ' - found instead ' + result
return tap
def should_to_tap_one_file(f_should):
f_tap = f_should + TAP_SUFFIX
f_tap = f_tap.replace(SHOULD_SUFFIX, '')
print "<== %s" % f_should
id_lines = list(fasta_id_lines_from_program(f_should))
if not(id_lines):
print "Error. There is no '>' line in this file."
print "==> %s" % f_tap
with open(f_tap, 'w') as ff:
ff.write("1..%d\n" % len(id_lines))
for tap_id, l in enumerate(id_lines):
tap_line = id_line_to_tap(l, tap_id+1)
if 'not ok' in tap_line:
print tap_line
ff.write(tap_line + '\n')
if __name__ == '__main__':
for f_should in sys.argv[1:]:
if global_failed:
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