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......@@ -6,17 +6,16 @@ As we are using continuous integration and deployment, some features are pushed
Improve analysis
* New sequence aligner, flexible display of nucleotide/AA sequences, VDJ, CDR, and FR features
* New detecton and prediction of primer positions (Biomed2 and EuroClonality-NGS primer sets)
* Add graph entry to show relatve distance between primer (genescan view) limited at the top 100 samples per sample
* New report and axis, detailed reason of non-productivity
* New detection of primer positions and computation of interpolated length (BIOMED-2 and EuroClonality-NGS primer sets)
* New report and axis, detailed cause of non-productivity
Improve ergonomy
* Better handling of saved settings (color by, naming choices)
* New button to open one sample with its analysis from the patient/sample database
* Color setting is used in repot
* Color settings are used in report
Improve quality testing
* The server part of the tutorial is now tested
* The tutorial is better tested, including interactions with the sample database
Other points
* Fix disgracious position in graph
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