Commit 44b3d712 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson
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generate-recombinations: Allow not to use all the genes if there are too many

Useful for testing FineSegmentation (which is time-consuming), but the option
is not used yet.
parent 4e771ded
......@@ -32,14 +32,19 @@ def recombine_VJ_with_removes(seq5, remove5, Nlength, remove3, seq3):
return recombine_VJ(seq5, remove5, random_sequence(available, Nlength), remove3, seq3)
def select_genes(rep5, rep3, at_least=0):
nb = 0
def select_genes(rep5, rep3, at_most=0):
if at_most > 0 and len(rep5) * len(rep3) > at_most:
return select_genes_randomly(rep5, rep3, at_most)
return select_all_genes(rep5, rep3)
def select_all_genes(rep5, rep3):
for seq5 in rep5:
for seq3 in rep3:
yield (seq5, seq3)
nb +=1
while nb < at_least:
def select_genes_randomly(rep5, rep3, at_most):
nb = 0
while nb < at_most:
yield (random.choice(rep5), random.choice(rep3))
nb += 1
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