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vidjil: release 2015.07

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This changelog concerns the algorithmic part (C++) of Vidjil.
2015-07-XX The Vidjil Team
2015-07-21 The Vidjil Team
* New flexible parameterization of analyzed recombinations through a json file (germline/
* New experimental unexpected recombination analysis (-4 -e 10) (core/segment.cpp)
* New threshold for FineSegmenter VJ assignation, with at least 10 matches (core/germline.cpp)
* Streamlined handling of segmentation methods (core/germline.h, core/segment.cpp)
* Updated distance matrix computation between all clones (core/similarityMatrix.cpp)
* New nlohmann json libray to parse and write json files (lib/json.h)
* Updated build process, now requiring a C++11 compiler
* New draft developer documentation (doc/, updated help and user documentation
* New and updated unit and functional tests, bugs closed in shouldvdj tests
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