Commit 445f2ce8 authored by marc duez's avatar marc duez : handle file copy error

parent e9393969
......@@ -247,8 +247,11 @@ def copy_files(data, src, dest, log=MigrateLogger()):
for t in file_fields:
for entry in data[t]:
if (data[t][entry][file_fields[t]] is not None):
log.debug("Copying %s" % data[t][entry][file_fields[t]])
copy(src + '/' + data[t][entry][file_fields[t]], dest + '/' + data[t][entry][file_fields[t]])
log.debug("Copying %s" % data[t][entry][file_fields[t]])
log.error("failed to copy file %s" % data[t][entry][file_fields[t]])
def export_peripheral_data(extractor, data_dict, sample_set_ids, log=MigrateLogger()):
sequence_rows = extractor.getSequenceFiles(sample_set_ids)
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