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tuto: how to get an account, only test/research data

see vdj#1005
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......@@ -5,6 +5,14 @@ For this sake you need an \textit{account} on the public server with the rights
runs, sets, to upload data and, preferably, to run analyses.
Therefore the demo account is not suitable.
\question{ Go to \href{}{\tt} and log in to your account.
You can there click on \com{request an account} if you do not currently have one.
\marginpar{The public server is for test or research use.
Do not use it for routine clinical data.
The \href{}{VidjilNet} consortium offers health-certified options for hosting such data.}
\question{ Retrieve the toy dataset at
and extract the files from the archive.}
......@@ -15,8 +23,8 @@ a single patient. Thus we now want to upload those files and assign all of
them to a same \com{run} and each of them to a single \com{patient}.
Go to the main page of the Vidjil platform (by default
Go back to the main page of the Vidjil platform (by default
You should be on the \com{patients} page.
Go at the bottom of the page and click on \com{+ new patients} to create the
three patients.
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