Commit 435dfeda authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud
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tests: 0298-lil-IGH, alternate designations for D/J junction and CDR3

parent ba7950c2
# The D/J junction can be seen as 2//7, 3//6, or 4//5
# 4//5 would imply {CARENSGY!FDYW}
>IGHV3-48*01 0/AA/6 IGHD5-12*01 3//6 IGHJ4*02 [IGH] {CARENSGYD!DYW}
>IGHV3-48*01 0/AA/6 IGHD5-12*01 (2//7, 3//6, 4//5) IGHJ4*02 [IGH] ({CARENSGYD!DYW}, {CARENSGY!FDYW})
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