Commit 414c3907 authored by Vidjil's avatar Vidjil Committed by Mathieu Giraud

views/sample_set/index.html: add user id to 'new sequences' mail

Closes #3051.
parent 89c537e9
...@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ ...@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@
{{if can_upload: }} {{if can_upload: }}
{{if not auth.can_process_sample_set(request.vars['id']) :}} {{if not auth.can_process_sample_set(request.vars['id']) :}}
<br /> Once your data are uploaded, please <br /> Once your data are uploaded, please
<a href="{{=request.vars['id']}}).%0ACould%20you%20run%20Vidjil%20on%20these%20data%20%3F%0A%0A">request an analysis</a>. <a href="{{}})&{{=request.vars['id']}}).%0ACould%20you%20run%20Vidjil%20on%20these%20data%20%3F%0A%0A">request an analysis</a>.
{{pass}} {{pass}}
{{pass}} {{pass}}
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