Commit 405297c6 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson

form_builder.js: Deactivate browser autocompletion on added fields

Follows 7c2a0a36
parent ebf2cce5
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......@@ -130,6 +130,7 @@ FormBuilder.prototype.build_info = function(object, keys, label) {
var txt = this.build_input('info', "text", 'info', 'text', object, label + ' information (#tags can be used)');
$(txt).data('needs-atwho', true);
$(txt).attr('autocomplete', 'off');
$(txt).on('focus', function() {
$(this).data('keys', keys);
new VidjilAutoComplete().setupTags(this);
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