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Browse files Added differences in Vidjil output between programs

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......@@ -357,3 +357,22 @@ The default tag names are defined in [[../browser/js/vidjil-style.js]].
"key" : "value" // "key" is the tag id from 0 to 7 and "value" is the custom tag name attributed
* Differences between programs
Due to specificities between programs, some elements may differ depending
on which program has been run.
** MiXCR
The output when using MiXCR differs from Vidjil on the id of each clone.
Where Vidjil provides the representative sequence of the clone, MiXCR
provides the representative sequence in =Amino Acids= followed by the name
of the =V gene= and the name of the =J gene=.
"germline": ...
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