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......@@ -593,6 +593,24 @@ detection is.
Whenever the e-value is too large, a warning sign will be shown next to the
clone, instead of the info icon.
# How can I have further support or help on a specific sample or on some sequences?
When you have questions on specific data, we advise to use the `help > get support`
link inside the web application.
This opens a mail template with reference to the sample,
and possibly with references to the selected clones.
Indeed, the address <>
reflects the sample you are studying with a given configuration.
When you select one or several clones, the address is updated.
Note that, even knowing this address,
only the logged-in users with proper authorization can access to these data.
This includes the uploader of the data,
possibly users of the same groups if such groups were defined, and the server maintainers.
# Keyboard shortcuts
Note that some shortcuts may not work on some systems or on on some web browsers.
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