Commit 3ba0df3e authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert implement predicate management

makes use of buffering and predicate checking to exclude or include data
to the export based on a comparison function passed when setting desired

See #3235,#2240
parent a9191c95
......@@ -83,6 +83,20 @@ class VidjilWriter(object):
return ""
class Predicate(object):
def __init__(self, field, comparator, value):
self.comp = comparator
self.field = field
self.value = value
def compare(self, field, other):
if self.comp is None:
return True
return field == self. field and self.comp(other, self.value)
return False
class VidjilParser(object):
......@@ -115,8 +129,8 @@ class VidjilParser(object):
def writer(self):
return self._writer
def addPrefix(self, prefix):
def addPrefix(self, prefix, conditional = None, comp = None, value = None):
self.prefixes.append((prefix, Predicate(conditional, comp, value)))
def extract(self, filepath):
vidjilfile = open(filepath, 'r')
......@@ -129,11 +143,23 @@ class VidjilParser(object):
res = ""
for prefix, event, value in parser:
#There must be a better way !!!
cond = any(prefix.startswith(item) for item in self.prefixes) \
or (any(item.startswith(prefix) for item in self.prefixes) \
cond = any(prefix.startswith(item[0]) for item in self.prefixes) \
or (any(item[0].startswith(prefix) for item in self.prefixes) \
and (value is None \
or any(item.startswith(prefix + '.' + str(value)) for item in self.prefixes) \
or any(item.startswith(str(value)) for item in self.prefixes)))
or any(item[0].startswith(prefix + '.' + str(value)) for item in self.prefixes) \
or any(item[0].startswith(str(value)) for item in self.prefixes)))
if cond:
if not self._writer.conserveBuffer \
and any((item[1].compare(prefix, value)) for item in self.prefixes):
self._writer.conserveBuffer = True
bufferOn = any(prefix == item[0] or prefix == item[0]+'.item' for item in self.prefixes)
if bufferOn and event == "start_map":
res += writer.write(prefix, event, value, previous)
if bufferOn and event == "end_map":
res += self._writer.endBuffering()
previous = event
return res
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