Commit 3b402b04 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud Committed by Mikaël Salson
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js/clones.js: .getReadsAllSamples(), all read numbers

parent ff480534
......@@ -699,6 +699,17 @@ Clone.prototype = {
}, //end getSize
/* return a list of read numbers (sum of all reads of clustered clones) for all samples
* */
getReadsAllSamples: function () {
var time_length = this.m.samples.order.length
var reads = []
for (var t = 0; t < time_length; t++) reads.push(this.getReads(t)) ;
return reads;
* @param: A variable number of arguments which consists of property names that should be found in seg.
* @return true iff all of the property are found in seg.
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